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Concern over new Yellow app dubbed 'Tinder for teens'

NOW I want to let everyone know that I'm posting this to let parents know about this APP because with the 45 parents I initially spoke with not a one knew about this one... and feel its important to inform parents know about things that can help us keep our kids safe.  The information is not meant to scare or shock people.  With that said here are some information and links to let parents know about this app.

Finding Common interests

Described as ‘Tinder for Teens’, the Yellow app allows users to make new friends using their Snapchat and Instagram accounts. According to media reports, the app has been linked to a number of teen sexting incidents in Ireland recently. In this article, we explain how Yellow works and address some concerns parents may have around the app.


How does it work?

The mobile phone app is free to download.  To create a Yellow profile, users must enter their Snapchat username, and give their first name, gender, and date of birth. Users can then choose whom they would like to connect with; boys, girls or both. Finally, users can then upload a profile picture and up to 5 other photos. The design of the app is similar to Tinder and encourages users to describe themselves using emoji’s, a feature that would appeal to younger users.

Yellow uses location technology to find other users nearby, therefore anyone who wishes to sign-up must enable his or her location on their device. This brings up obvious risks for young people sharing their location online. Users also have the option to connect their Instagram account to their Yellow profile.


Links directly related to yellow App










What is the Yellow App?

FBI is also Commenting on this app

What parents should know

It is important for parents to be aware of what apps and social networks their child is using. We would recommend exercising extreme caution with the Yellow app, parents need to consider whether the app is age appropriate for their child.
I did not want this article to be just about gloom and doom but also about how to talk with our kids about internet safety.  I found an article on talking with our kids about internet safety take a look and let me know what you think you can email me with your ideas and I'll post them here or feel free to post them on our facebook.
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