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Videos of our Dads 

We will be adding new videos to our site to show our viewers how to cook healthy, inspirational videos and other things that are fun.
If you have any videos you would like to share please email me the link or file to

 Ideas for dads to  make with our sons/daughters

Healthy Breakfast recipe

This is a healthy Dad and Daughter breakfast recipe.

Awesome Dads 

Welcome to our YouTube Channel for ALL Dads.  We will be featuring recipes and Ideas for all Dads.

Dad Video of awesome Dads

Our first Video of dads caring for their children of all ages... pretty cool

 National Commercial

Healthy Chicken Nuggets

Try these at home.. kids LOVE nuggets..

Healthy Beet Juice

Easy to Make Beet Juice that tastes Great.

Single Fathers Share their stories and struggles.

This was an article done by the Express-News on one of the Dads our site has met and worked with on our Cell phone program.

the segment shows how dads overcome diversity and stay strong for our Children.  the article was presented on Fathers day.  

Thanks to all the dads who step up and stay strong to take care of their children.


Published on Jun 17, 2017

"To be honest, there are tough days, there are tough moments," Torres said. "But the joy that you get when they see that you work hard to provide a roof, to put food on the table, all those basic needs — it is the world me."

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