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Summer is Here

The things dads need in our Medicine Cabinet for the Summer...


Is it time to give your medical supplies a checkup? Apart from your prescriptions, all you want are the tools to treat minor cuts and burns, headaches, fevers, coughs, itching, allergies, or a runny nose. (The key word here is minor. For severe symptoms, bypass the cabinet and go directly to your doctor.) Here’s what you really need to keep your cabinet as healthy as you prefer to be.



Be prepared for any summer accidents and illnesses by stocking up your medicine cabinet with a few summer essentials.



This needs to include a selection of first aid essentials such as…

  • waterproof plasters

  • sterile eye patch

  • plastic gloves

  • alcohol-free wipes

  • bandages

  • triangular bandages to use as a sling

  • sterile dressings

  • scissors

  • safety pins


It’s a good idea to carry a mini first aid kit in the car especially if you plan on doing summer days out with the family. You can put together your own first aid kits or buy them ready filled.

Sun cream

  • high factor sun cream for babies and children

  • sun cream for adults


  • antihistamine medicine for children

  • antihistamine tablets for adults

Soothing skin creams

  • antiseptic cream for cuts and grazes

  • sudocrem – for general use

  • after sun cream with aloe vera

Pain relief

  • kids ibuprofen and paracetamol

  • adults pain relief tablets

Anti-diarrhea medication & rehydration powders 

For a detailed list of items, dads can use this summer take a look... OH if you have any other ideas let me know on our Facebook page  

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